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Open Water Student Rental Packages

Gear Packages for Open Water Students ONLY. Anyone using these items inappropriately will be charged full price at the time of pick up.

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Gear Packages

Gear Package including all of the necessary equipment a diver will need to get underwater!

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TRP_ Veteran Programs

Dive Travel

Wreck Diving

Dive some of the most incredible wrecks in the world with East Coast Divers on one of our Wreck Treks! Swim across the decks of hundred-year-old boats, through the portholes of massive steamers, even explore the inner workings of a Uboat!

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Discovery Diving

Dive with a wealth of marine species on one of our Discovery Dives! Snuggle with friendly seals, swim with schools of fish, and, if you're lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of some sharks!

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Reef & Ledge Diving

Explore brightly colored corals, awe-inspiring dropoffs, and rock walls teeming with marine life on one of our Reef Dives! Practice dive skills in a safe, open environment with prime visibility and lots to see.

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Scallop & Lobster Diving

Join East Coast Divers as we catch our next feast! Go spearfishing, lobstering, or hunting for some delicious scallops at one of our favorite foraging locations. NEED GEAR? Now you can book any rental equipment you need from ECD on-line! *******All rental equipment

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Freediving Charters

Go tank-less with ECDivers. Learn to or improve on your freediving by signing up for one of our freedive trips. Dive down to depths you never thought you could and experience the excitement that comes with diving sans gear.

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Wetsuits, hooded vests, & gloves.

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Individual drysuit items can be found here. Only for bits and pieces of a drysuit, for a full list look under packages. Need proof of certification OR to be currently enrolled in a drysuit course to rent a dry suit

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Buoyancy Compensators

Buoyancy Compensators to be used with SCUBA. Both Mens and Women's sizes can

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Regulator Set

Regulator sets complete with Primary, ABS, inflator hose (optional dry suit inflator hose) and SPG

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Scuba Diving Cylinders

Both Steel and Aluminum tanks to be used with SCUBA systems.

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Tech diving Tanks

Scuba tanks to be used with technical rigs. Includes matching tanks for side-mount, stage bottles for decompression dives. Regulators must be rented separately as needed.

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Shore Diving


Dive Accessories including SMBs, Dive Flags and more!

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Pony Bottle

Pony Bottle's can be used as an extra reserve for deep diving. This is to be used as a last resort in the case of an out of air emergency to resupply.

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Ad-Hoc classes

All Classes that ECD can offer but doesn't Actively teach and can be set up as on an ad-hoc basis

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Pro Courses

All professional level course

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